Crypto investing made simple

We understand that crypto is complicated, time-consuming, and the language can sound like jargon, which is why CryptoSimple was created. We are crypto financial advisors who aim to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto investing. Making crypto investing transparent, fearless, and accessible are the three pillars of our mission. Transparent: Our educational approach aims to make cryptocurrency more transparent to help people who want guidance and advice to start investing in cryptocurrency. We want you to understand what we invest in, why we invest in it, and, if interested, learn as you go. Fearless: With CryptoSimple, you can feel confident that your money is safe and secure, as we are among the first AMF-registered companies in Europe. We provide portfolio and risk-adjusted portfolio generation technology to meet the needs of any investor. Accessible: If you want to get started, you don't need a crypto wallet, and we offer a low transparent management fee (no gas fees, no deposit or withdrawal fees, no hidden fees whatsoever). We build solutions across DeFi's (Decentralised Finance) ecosystem, which allows our users to earn interest in the same way traditional investing does, but with DeFi, your interest is compounded and you earn round the clock. We will be introducing a robo-advisor solution that will allow you to invest in a diversified crypto portfolio in accordance with your financial goals and risk tolerance. By combining blockchain technology with financial technology, our portfolios cater to every risk level, whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor. Our conservative portfolio, for example, consists of 90% stable coins, while offering 5% to 20% returns and have minimal exposure to volatile coins. Our waitlist is now open. For more information, visit our website.
Victor Metzger

CMO + Co-founder @ CryptoSimple