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Reach more investors with your deck.

Discover List surfaces the best startup pitch decks, every week. It's a place for founders and investors to share and connect around ideas. We send out our weekly pitch deck list to our network of investors every Monday morning. With our network size, your deck will reach hundreds of some of the best investors around the world and we're always adding more daily.

Just sending your deck out and not providing you with data isn't helpful to you. So we gather stats around who's opening and sharing your deck and we share that information with you. If an investor is interested in meeting with your startup, then our team will do an intro between the founder/founders and the investors. Don't worry we're here to be a resource to help you close the deal you're looking for. Build connections with investors and also other founders. We have a founders list where we share information about what's happening in the startup world and we're also working on a community where ideas can be developed.

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