Dooozen is a LinkedIn automation tool. Create multi-step campaign to get more leads on LinkedIn is a startup created for those who work with LinkedIn daily and uses this social media as a source of lead generation and sales. Dooozen will help LinkedIn members to save their time, automate daily routine and increase the overall efficiency of sales activities thanks to the following features: (1) Smart automation of such processes as connecting people and sending messages on LinkedIn (2) Campaign builder – the functionality which allows creating multistep sales campaigns (3) Advanced tagging system and application of text recognition technology for intelligent messaging Our team has analyzed several existing solutions and brought best practices from these tools. We also explored several CRM and e-mail marketing solutions to create the interface, which will be simple and easy to understand from the first second of the user journey. We know how to create a product that will bring real value to our customers!
Max Sidorenko

Sales professional, Co-founder at startups, Managing partners at NoviLeads agency