ENAP Studio provides an integrated workflow build AI models for edge device. works with the vision to decentralise AI. We want to enable companies to leverage AI capabilities on edge devices. Building Edge AI applications can be difficult and cost companies a lot of time, effort and money. We have built a platform to overcome these challenges by simplifying the process of deploying AI on the edge devices. Our platform is an end-to-end workflow solution, focused on improving the efficacy of AI algorithms and models for Edge devices. We provide a modular fully-integrated workflow to easily train, optimize, deploy and manage Edge AI neural networks. It is a unified, cloud neutral and hardware agnostic platform that can automatically craft robust, scalable and efficient deep neural network solutions for Edge devices ready for production at scale. With our platform companies can a) Accelerate the time-to-market for Edge AI Development by up to 5X b)Reduce total cost of application by up to 75% percent c)Optimize latency by up to 7X while preserving accuracy to enhance performance and lower memory footprint Our founders are passionate about AI and have built this platform to lead the paradigm shift towards AI on edge, which they believe will be the next-gen AI. Our team consists of members with extensive experience of over 20+ years across AI, ML, embedded hardware, cloud and mobile domains.
Dhairya Badiyani

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