AI-Based Digital Well-being Platform

Hello BetaPage community, I hope you all are doing well. ??Himanshu this side, Founder at Ekaant. We are building Ekaant to make individuals prioritize their well-being. We are super thrilled to launch Ekaant on BetaPage today. We believe that most mindfulness apps are just only touching the surface of what's possible. They provide a single-player experience that is shallow and one-size-fits-all, resulting in low interest and retention. 85% of users quit these meditation apps within the first 12 days! We saw that people need live, rich and personalized experiences to deal with mental health. Yes, we've been working on finding someone who genuinely cares about your well-being and can assist you to make a significant difference in your daily life. We're preparing something delectable to help you make mental health a habit. At Ekaant, we want to help people who want to have access to evidence-based, tailored information that can help them improve their health. Sign-up to experience a daily Mindfulness session with some of our best instructors. What's Inside? ?? We’re giving away a 1-month FREE subscription to everyone who Sign-Ups through this platform. And yes, we did say free. All you have to do: ?Visit the link : ?Create an account using a valid email address. & Let's get started.!?????? We are here to answer all your questions. Thank you! Have an amazing day ahead, Himanshu
Himanshu Sharma

Entrepreneurs | AI Researcher