Platform to build and deliver a virtual group greeting card to celebrate special people.

A Firacard is the easiest virtual group greeting card you will ever send because you can send a Firacard in 3 easy steps (easy, peasy, lemon squeezy) You create a board: Simply click on the "create a board" button", add details about the celebrant and choose your preferred background. Invite collaborators (or not): Share your board with collaborators so they can add their wishes too. They can add messages, photos, GIFs & videos. Send to the Special person: Click send to deliver all your wishes in one group card. The recipient is able to send everyone who collaborated a single reply, view the board as a slideshow, download to keep forever or logon to view forever. And that is all.
Ronke Odewumi

Chartered Accountant with15+ years of Strategy, Management Consulting & Program delivery experience