FreeeUp is the hands-on solution to hiring reliable, remote workers in the eCommerce industry.

FreeeUp provides a hands-on experience to hiring reliable remote workers specialized within the eCommerce industry. Our team recruits and interviews thousands of freelancers each month vetting out the top 1% for our clients. Clients can sign up, request the worker that they need, and we introduce you within hours.

FreeeUp removes the hassle of posting jobs, recruiting, interviewing and hoping that you hired the best remote candidate for your job. In the rare case that one of our freelancers ever quits, FreeeUp replaces the worker within hours and pays for any re-training costs that you may incur.

FreeeUp is determined to become the #1 solution for eCommerce businesses to hire reliable remote workers to help grow their online selling presence. Right now, we offer a large variety of skill sets: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, social media, content, product listing, web development, etc. We offer every skill set eCommerce owners need to push their business forward.