AI-powered growth hacking platform for your Twitter business account.

GetGrowth's mission is to help entrepreneurs and marketers in their mission to grow their audience and extend their reach.

GetGrowth's AI tailors a personal content strategy for every account, based on the topics that your future customers are interested in. Based on hundreds of thousands of content pieces , that are collected and monitored in real-time every day, GetGrowth suggests the best content to publish as well as schedules these posts and publishes them in the best times and formats for maximum exposure and organic growth.

GetGrowth also identifies who your target audience is, and helps you reach this target audience by applying a range of growth hacking techniques.

The result? GetGrowth customers have already gained thousands of new quality followers and all report a great boost in engagement.

GetGrowth is now in Public Beta. We offer a 14-days free trial, and you can use code GGBetaPage to get a 50% discount on any plan for BetaPage users.