Turning your text into a whimsy GIF message instantly!

Guggy's purpose is to fun-up your conversations. We do it by providing you with a way to turn your text into a relevant whimsy GIF message in real-time and add context to GIFs.

To get more technical, we use smart tech and NLP to analyze your text message, match an accurate humorous GIF and recreate it with the text message animated on the GIF, hence the term "GIF Message". To make things more fun, everytime you use Guggy you will get a different GIF.

Guggy is now available on multiple platforms and apps such as: iMessage Extension (iOS 10), Slack, Chrome Extension, Guggy Keyboard for Android, KiK & more (you can see the full list at https://guggy.com ). Beside that, we have an API and our main goal is to get to all the big players such as Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, etc so you'll be able to use Guggy seamlessly.

We support emojis, text smileys, slang, expressions & over 30 languages.