HireBeat Inc.


On-demand recruiting platform for startups to find, engage and hire the best talent faster

HireBeat was born during the pandemic and is designed for the post-COVID era. It was founded with the sole purpose of making the hiring process simpler and more efficient. That is why we launched HireBeat For Job Seeker as a video interview platform, solving the headache of endless scheduling for both recruiters and job seekers. After talking to many of our users and recruiting experts, we realized that a single interviewing platform only solves part of the headache. People are looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline their entire recruitment process. Something extremely easy to implement and use that goes from creating an account to managing job applications in minutes. Today, we proudly launch HireBeat 2.0 as a full ATS. You will get: 1) One-click job posting: broadcast to various job boards with one click, and manage all applications in one place 2) Resume screening assistant: an AI algorithm to provide a job-fit score to speed up your screening process 3) One-way video interview: an improved version with more flexibility in question configuration and candidate management. 4) Team collaboration: adding new roles of reviewers and hiring managers to review, vote, and comment on candidates. Make informed hiring decisions as a team. 5) API Integrations: Don’t let integration support stop you from interviewing your best-fit candidates. You can easily plug-play with your current ATS or HRIS.
Ning Wei

CEO at HireBeat | Ex Goldman Sachs