A collaborative music theory and songwriting app

Horucco is an cloud based app for musicians, songwriters, producers of every skill level Explore chords and discover related chords on the fly. Once you’ve found a nice chord sequence, drag and drop chords into your song to build your composition upon it. Horucco is striving to be the tool that every music lover would like to have. Its objective is to help users to write, practice and share music between themselves. Horucco provides its users with an environment to write songs in an intuitive and simple way without the need for instruments. Using Cloud technology, users can share projects and collaborate in real time. This app can be very helpful if you're in the process of learning music theory. You can change root note, mode and extensions of your chords; understand the relations of the chord with the key you’ve selected and go out of key making your progression as dissonant as you like. Still, even if you know music theory very well, it can be useful to play with musical ideas. Once you've finished your project you can share it with others and export it to MIDI to use it wherever you want. The latest version is currently iOS only although Android should follow shortly.
Paolo Sidoli

Technology enthusiast