Hubgets is instant communication that makes businesses more productive

Hubgets is a business instant communication platform, available as a service or in your private cloud. It enables people to communicate via chat with file transfer and screen sharing, voice, and video, turning experience into searchable knowledge.

We use artificial intelligence to measure people's mood at work. Based on the Happiness Index we compute, Hubgets adjusts communication flows on the individual level to reduce frustration and make the team more productive.

Page by Hubgets takes care of customer communication flows too. Page is like a web business card available for every team member. Hubgets users don't need to give out their phone number to be reached. With Page, business partners and customers can get in touch with them in real-time on chat, voice and video. For free, without installing any software. More details here:

Hubgets is free for up to 20 users, and it takes less than 5 min to create your account.