KashKlik is a Fully-Automated Influencer Marketing Platform

KashKlik brings together a community of advertisers and influencers.

Advertisers look for new ways to promote their products or services. KashKlik allows advertisers to create marketing campaigns and pay per click.

Influencers look for new ways to monetize their audience. KashKlik allows influencers to start promotions and get paid according to the engagement they generate.

KashKlik allows advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns with concrete metrics, so that they only pay for real engagement.

KashKlik allows influencers to get paid for each follower who clicks in a link they are promoting.

The bigger the influencers' audience and the higher the engagement they are able to generate, the more they will get paid for.

KashKlik's platform provides the most effective way to exploit the potential of Influencer Marketing, with easily measurable ROI.