Line A Day

Journal like app with group sharing and media features.

Line A Day is a journal-like app with several media and group features. It is meant to help you remember and reflect on the positive aspects and memories from your daily life.

We want your memories to last forever. Not only is it a good habit, but writing down highlights and good moments is beneficial for your mental health. With Line A Day, you have the ability to remember anything and everything from your day. Whether it is a highlight, a memorable quote, a line from a story, or really anything, this unique app enables you to remember that moment while including text, pictures, a voice recording and location from that special moment. The best part is that by using the app for only a few minutes a day, your memories will last forever.

You can set a daily reminder to prompt you to write your Line.

All of your Lines and entries are linked to the Cloud so you will never lose a memory!

Want to stay connected with friends and family? With the group feature, you can view ....