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Liwanag Technologies launched AIHRA version 1.0 An Artificially Intelligent Health Risk Assessment that can identify people who are likely to be at risk through an overall health assessment and connecting them to health specialists. Visit our Launch Site: What is a Health Risk Assessment? It is a way of assessing the potential impact of a hazard on an individual, or community. A hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm usually something chemical or biological like a virus. A risk on the other hand is the chance of that hazard causing harm to humans. Why is it important? This product will help in the prevention of the further spread of different illnesses and diseases like COVID-19. People with the same chronic conditions don't have the same risk and simple rules can fail to capture complex factors that make people more vulnerable to severe complications. AIHRA for COVID-19 combines these WHO risk factors with other related risk factors that are known to impact the severity of respiratory infections and to create a tool that can help individuals understand how vulnerable they or their loved ones to severe complications from COVID-19. Remember! It is vital you know how to protect yourself from exposure to COVID-19 and take every measure to protect your health.
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