One line data science infra

We are - Magniv is a platform to enable data scientists to autonomously create, deploy, and maintain data applications within existing infra pipelines. That is, reduce data science reliance on data engineers in mature data organizations. While living between both worlds of software engineering and data science, we have seen a lack of mature organizational tooling for data scientists. Data teams either require embedded data engineers or companies are forced to find a unicorn full-stack data software engineer to hire. On top of that, the tooling that does exist in this space does not take into consideration good software and infrastructure practices that most high performance software engineering teams require. Magniv takes into consideration the desires of both data scientists and infrastructure engineers on high performing software teams. We are bringing tried and true SWE practices to data science, without introducing new systems and workflows. We are looking for interested teams to join our beta! Please check out or website and sign up ?
Jared Zoneraich

Founder @ Magniv