Pay Your Bills with Crypto!

Hey Folks! Our team would like to introduce you to the new project - Metamouse! Metamouse is a service that allows you to pay any bill with cryptocurrency. At the moment, our project is ready and covers all European countries. Metamouse also has payment support for such cryptocurrencies as: 1) Bitcoin (BTC) 2) Ethereum (ETH) 3) Tether (USDT) 4) Litecoin (LTC) 5) Circle (USDC) 6) MakerDAO (DAI) And soon it is also planned to introduce other stable coins. Let's start Currently, cryptocurrency is still seldom used to pay for services, so our team thought about how we can make life easier for all people who use the crypto, and at the same time increase the potential and possibilities of the crypto itself. Thus, we got the idea to create a service with the ability to pay any bills, from utility bills to e.g. paying for airline tickets. How does it work? 1. You fill in the details of the invoice that you need to pay via Metamouse application. 2. Connect your crypto wallet or choose a QR code payment method. 3. Pay the equivalent invoice amount in cryptocurrency. 4. Within 24 working hours, our company / our trusted partners company (depending on the country) pays your bill and you receive a payment confirmation via email. Special offer for Beta Page Users - Make your first payment via Metamouse and Get rewarded! We have prepared a reward program for users who want to help us and our project: - All users receive Transaction Fee Cashback. - All users receive Commission Cashback. - All users get 10$ to their wallet. - All users will be added to the whitelist with the opportunity to participate in the Metamouse token pre-sale. - 1 ETH giveaway among all users. - All users will get a unique role in the discord server with access to private channels. - For increased activity, we will prepare unique rewards. How to get rewards? - Pay any of your bills starting from $5. - Contact us and receive your rewards. More Information: Coming soon 1. Creation of personal virtual cards for payment, where a bank card is required. 2. Creation of Metamouse token. 3. Update the application in accordance with our roadmap (look at Our Mouse Community Website: Discord: The opinion of each potential user is important to us, so we will be happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions ?
Romans Aleksandrovskis

Head of Digital Marketing @