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Miza uses the power of the recurring transactions to synergize your own finance situation. Within a few steps you can get a full breakdown of your personal finances. Here’s the list of our main features: ?? Smart Transactional Calendar With our calendar you can easily see your upcoming recurring transactions and foresee your accounts balance. Giving you a head start to see how much you’ll have on any futuristic date! ? Budgeting on auto-pilot No more self-entered amounts for categories. No more hard guessing at how much you should be spending on whatever. We use a budget split system where the budgeting is actually based on your net revenue. Use the popular 50/30/20 strategy from Elizabeth Warren or even the 70/15/15 rule from Nicole Lapin and start budgeting like a pro! ?Financial Goals Dynamic financial goals that are actually based on your revenue, and your expenses! Complete these milestones to achieve a strong financial health. All of it automatically calculated and managed!
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