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Crypto media for people to get into web3

Every freaking day we deliver important crypto content about DeFi, NFTs, Play-To-Earn, in-depth reviews and Learning guides, top interviews with market leaders. All this in simple and funky language. Don’t miss the next 100x projects and F?CK FOMO. Web3 media attempting to make crypto news and educational stuff easily understandable and enjoyable. What challenges do you meet observing crypto? – No educational content for newbies. Okay, there are some, but language is hard af. – You should check 100+ TG channels, 500+ Twitter accounts and 10+ websites to be updated. – You always have a chance to fall into “FOMO”. Moni Talks fixes it. Every day we collect info from well-known and underground sources to put it in one digest you can read in 5 minutes. Yes, we cover everything in the crypto space. And yes, we do it in human language with cool memes. We have 4 types of digests: economical and crypto news, NFT news, DeFi news and Yield Farming news. Also, we got projects reviews, guides and educational stuff. Social Media: Website: Telegram EN: Telegram RU: YouTube: Twitter: Join 20,000+ crypto founders, speculators, and researchers. We are waiting for you in our Gem City. And yes, I almost forgot our slogan. We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.
Maxim Bolotov