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PS: we are not mobile responsive yet (except for our curator personal webpages). Please try us out on your desktop or with "desktop view" on your mobile. ? Hey Hunters! I’m Jha, head nerd at Nawvel. Today, I'm super excited along with the team to launch Nawvel on the OG resource discovery platform - Product Hunt! __ Why we built Nawvel? ? ? 4,612, 019, 548 content posts every day. ? 99.99% of it is fluff. 0.01% can change your life. ? It's extremely hard finding quality resources in the mess which is the internet. ? Googling is a skill and it's easy to get sucked in your own recommendation loop on existing platforms. __ Who are we? ? ? We are a community of makers, creators and synthesizers. ? We spend 1000s of hours on research and 1000s of $$$ on resources and share the best stuff we find to save you time. __ ? So what is Nawvel? Nawvel is a library of resource collections called chapters. We want to make it easier for you to engage in self-guided resource discovery and online learning. We share curated, tried and tested resources to make it easier for you to dive deep into all sorts of cool topics around making products (startups) and content (creators). __ ? How does it work? We built Nawvel around 3 pillars: ? Making it easier to curate resource pathways - As a community of curators, we want to make it less painful to connect meaningful resources and revisit them later. - We are launching a browser extension for our curators in a few weeks. ? Making it easier to discover meaningful resources - We consume a whole lot of resources and curate resources like videos, podcasts, blogs and stay up to date with the leading creators in the industry. - We do this by sharing collections called chapters. ? Learner-Centric - We want you to spend less time discovering and more time doing. You don’t have to read every blog, watch every video, listen to every podcast. Rather it's about finding the right ones and getting to work. - People don't lack the motivation to learn. They lack discovering meaningful resources that can change their life. __ ? What you will find? ? 300+ curated resources (less is more) ? 50+ chapters to browse (new chapters every week) ? 1 webpage to build your lifebook of learning (For curators) __ ? Who loves Nawvel? Nawvel is enjoyed by early stage makers and content creators. We help them save time by recommending them resources for their needs. Right now, we are accepting personalised chapter requests at no cost. You should reach out to us if you're stuck in your online learning journey! __ ? We’re now in open beta so everything is free!! ? Click on "visit/ get it" and regain control of your recommendation engine. ? Let us know what you think in the comments __ ? Special thanks to all our curators and early users for your time, love and confidence. It's been 2 years of constant discovery. Now we build.
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