We are a news intelligence platform built to improve the quality of information that you consume.

Hello BetaPage, We would like to present to you an advanced News API, that allows you to easily retrieve cleansed, structured news data and process news articles from thousands of sources in different languages all over the world. Some of the advanced features of our API: - clustering news articles into groups of related news - allows to detect news stories and assess how important / popular they are - detecting reprints and wired articles - allows to easily filter noise and get unique articles only - a comprehensive set of 3000+ topics, 10+ categories, and labels, including Opinion, Paid-news, Non-news, Business, Tech, Politics, and much more - advanced enriched data, including finance-tailored sentiment analysis, entities, keywords, auto-generated summary - local news - allows retrieving news from local news publishers based on a specific location (e.g. show all local news from Chicago or London) - journalist data - allows to identify author bylines, extract and link authors to their records - more accurate extraction of title, description, and content attributes - content translation into English from 10+ languages - broad source coverage and ability to easily add custom sources With the above features, the API has a much broader set of use cases, from analyzing sentiment of financial articles around stocks to PR media monitoring to identifying risk events and doing deep analysis and market research, including on historical news. There are also many use cases we have yet to uncover :) You can check out live example queries and take our API a test ride here We appreciate any feedback, comments, or questions you might have regarding the API!

Perigon is a news intelligence platform built to improve the quality of information that you consume