Pixwup is the peoples network a location based photo video sharing platform

We @Pixwup want people to benefit from the content that they create so to that end we have built pixwup.

Pixwup works by trending the content shared on the network via locations. The more content and similar hashtags shared at a location will make that trend. Pixwup can trend the most hottest content in a town in a city and in the country.

Pixwup works using pinch and zoom the further you zoom out the higher trending items you will see. You can also use the pinch and zoom to search the area that you have selected in the map view. You can search globally via the profile view.

Pixwup also has many secondary uses such as:

* Connect with friends and family
* Share and review the best places to eat
* Leave memories where ever you go.
* Find the hottest nightlife spots
* Put items or spaces up for rent or sale
* Find people with similar interests near by.
* As a digital I was here.
* And many other ways, too many to list here just use your imagination