Say Goodbye to Job Boards & Start Discovering Companies That Align with You

Finding a company that aligns with you can be an incredible feat. That's why your career decision should not be based on a black-and-white job posting.


To redefine the traditional job board and give job seekers a comprehensive look into companies before they decide to apply to the job.


1. Tailored Results
Prelook personalizes your company search based on your preferences and personality. Optimize your search with keywords that reflect the company you are destined to be a part of.

2. ALL Birds With One Stone
We are Yellow Pages for companies. Discover the top 100 companies that are hiring talent like yourself, all in one place. From pre-interview research, to the very moment you decide to apply, we are here.

3. We Have Got Your Back
We wish job matches were as easy as a swipe to the right. Unfortunately, they are not. Unlock tips and words of wisdom specifically tailored to your role and get equipped for the interview.