Raz Payments


Budget better with one monthly payment for all of your subscriptions, you choose the date.

Alright, so, the world went a little nuts with monthly subscriptions, so we fixed it. One monthly subscription for all of your monthly subscriptions & even better tools to manage it all. Who can use Raz? Raz is for anyone and everyone who has at least two(2) or more monthly subscriptions and you pay for them with your debit card. If you're someone who pays your monthly subscriptions with a credit card, our other features like free and easy subscription cancelation are open to use. We're on a mission to help people budget better. We're changing the way people think about subscriptions. We're going to help users manage their subscriptions while getting the cheapest available price for those subscriptions. We do it all behind the scenes, while you see it benefiting your bank account.
Sara Mitchell

Product + Design. Cats + Coffee.