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Empowering sales and marketing teams with personalized outreach

When evaluating new products or services, either for themselves or their businesses, buyers are often motivated by emotional needs and wants.

This creates a challenge for sales teams, no prospective buyer is motivated by the same emotional driver, yet companies use canned sales and marketing campaigns that are incredibly impersonal.

At Salesfox, we throw out the traditional outreach approach of canned emails, untailored cold calls, and the dreaded LinkedIn “connect and pitch”. Instead, we focus on creating real connections, founded on a buyer’s emotional drivers. We accomplish this by automating strategic gifting and direct mail campaigns for marketing and sales teams to help them personalize engagement at scale.

Our goal is to help teams save time, set more meetings, close more deals, and ultimately build stronger relationships.

What's our long-term goal? Glad you asked! Long-term our goal is to help companies personalize every engagement including video, email, direct mail, sales meetings, etc. to continually create personalized client experiences.

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Roman Pennell
Roman Pennell


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