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Sales Engagement Platform For Data Focused Sales Teams.

SalesHandy is a SaaS based product with features like Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Mail Merge, Auto Follow-up, Document and Link Tracking. SalesHandy is a power packed email productivity tool which can help you take your emails to the next level. It provides seamless integration with Gmail & Outlook using plugins, as well as other Email service providers using SMTP configuration. Ideal for Solopreneurs, small, medium and large sized companies. SalesHandy help sales teams to create and execute viable sales & marketing strategies by tracking of sales resources and user insights.

SalesHandy helps users to determine customer behavior, spot trends, share and edit corporate documents, track email, and evaluate sales performance.

The key features of SalesHandy:
-Email Tracking (Gmail, Outlook and SMTP Integration)
- Mail Merge
- Auto Follow-up
- Email Scheduling
- File (link) Sharing & Tracking
- Email Templates
- Bcc to CRM