Sambot for Bitrise


Brings ergonomic interface to Bitrise users: Improve productivity / Manage Builds / Analyse datas

Sambot is a free mobile application helping you and your team in your Bitrise Continuous Integration/Deployment experience to make easier, more powerful, and more efficient the use of Bitrise services (even for non-developers). Sambot brings you a modern & ergonomic interface to: - Improve reactivity & productivity - Manage & Monitor Builds / Workflows - Download & Install Artifacts - Analyse Data & Optimize Performances / Costs Main features - Monitor your most important Projects and follow their Builds and health at any time - Quickly understand why and where your Build has failed with Failure Analysis - Follow Builds Steps nicely parsed from Bitrise log to instantly identify what’s happening - Analyze your projects with Analytics Insights where tons of metrics are computed from all their builds: Cost, Duration, Success/Failure rates, Waiting time, average, count, percentiles, median... These metrics are presented in beautiful colored charts, grids, or highlights - Download & Install all artifacts easily and add your favorites on Dashboard to automatically get instant access to their last version - Run (and Re-Run) at a glance your recurrent Workflows on any combination of projects, branches, or tags - Be notified by push notifications as soon as a Build finished to act in the nick of time - Launch your favorites Workflows / Builds with Shortcut & Siri - Get a comprehensive & understandable Test Report summary for your builds, parsed from CI logs - Find the build you are looking for with a powerful search engine to inspect, rerun or abort it instantly Sambot available for free on iPhone, iPad & Mac
Sambot for Bitrise

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