Science Me

A cartoon science blog for people who have eyes.

Science Me is a comic science blog by writer and illustrator Rebecca Turner. Imagine if Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins had a lovechild and she lived in a basement with an internet connection and no life. This is her blog. It's where she regurgitates all the exotic science-juice she's consumed over the years. Some of it might be stale and rancid but mostly it should be fresh juice. With bits. She's passionate about sharing scientific concepts and hopes to set your imagination alight. What she will try not to do is burn your brain down.

Is there life on other planets? What is quantum entanglement? What happens in the brain during a near death experience? Why is evolution by natural selection such a brilliant theory? Do animals feel emotions? Will we one day marry robots? What will happen after AI surpasses human intelligence? Science Me presents an original take on scientific exploration, complete with cartoons that appear to be drawn by a partially sighted meerkat.