Free Bug & Crash Tracker Tool For Android & iOS

Shakebug is an online bug and crash tracker reporting tool that mobile developers use to identify and fix issues by allowing clients and testers of their applications to send and report issue tracking within the tool. It is an advanced level online bug and issue tracking tool. With the help of lots of advanced tools and features, developers can fix any issue and crash with less time and debugging by tracking it. The tool provides all the details provided by the client or tester to resolve crashes and issues. With the help of this online tracker tool, clients and testers will be able to generate issue reports by drawing on screenshots to highlight or blur their parts or attached screenshots. The best thing about this solution is that it automatically captures the details and logs so that users can quickly fix and resolve errors. Unlike most major IT development bug tools, Shakebug integrates with major bug and crash tracking tools, communication systems and helpdesk software. It includes core features such as app error and crash reporting, screenshot annotation, etc. Shakebug is perfect online bug and a crash tracking tool for developers to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects run so smoothly and clients love the shaking technique to report issues. This online tracker tool can easily be integrated into any mobile application within a minute and is easy to access and use. It provides error reporting, app performance monitoring, crash reporting, in-app chat, and client surveys for mobile apps. Using Shakebug, Managing your bug report proved to be advantageous because it provides the best level of services in terms of support and documentation. And it also provides detailed and accurate tracking of bugs and crashes. Shakebug is one of the most winning and indispensable online tools to track bugs and crashes from any of your mobile applications, it works on both android and IOS.
Chirag Lukhi

Director - Softnoesis Private Limited