Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.

SMS-iT brings intelligence to messaging. “The only messaging platform built for businesses, Internet of Things (IoT), Metaverse and the Blockchain” We make it easy and cheap to intelligently send or receive unlimited SMS, RCS, MMS, voice, email, chat and fax messages or engage in 1-on-1 conversations with customers. SMS-iT enables you to grow and reach your customers with smart omnichannel messaging powered by AI and Automation. It also has a smart database of 1billion+ segmented mobile #'s of potential customers to reach using your marketing campaigns. Channels includes SMS, MMS, RCS, Fax, Voice, Email, and Chat powered by SMS-iT. We currently have over 30 partnerships( ShareASale, Amazon, Awin, ClickBank, eBay, and more), including 5 integrations (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, GetResponse and more). We are scheduled to have a total of 100 integrations by the end of 2022, and more partnerships. Our Smart Features includes Smart Marketing Tools: SMS, MMS, RCS, EMAIL, FAX, VOICE & CHAT APPS, SMART DATABASE, EMAIL SOFTWARE INTEGRATION, PERSONALIZED, SEGMENTED & TARGETED MESSAGING, QR CODES, GEO-TARGETING & SEGMENTATION, BULK MESSAGE SCHEDULING, MOBILE KEYWORDS, BRAND AWARENESS, RENEWALS, CART ABANDONMENT, CONTESTS, BUILT IN LINK SHORTENING & TRACKING, SALES + SPECIALS, PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENTS, KIOSK BUILDER, PUNCH CARD LOYALTY REWARDS, SMS to EMAIL/EMAIL to SMS, NAME AND EMAIL CAPTURE, COUPONS, PROMO CODES, BIRTHDAY OFFERS, MEMBERSHIP REMINDERS, EVENTS, IN-STORE SPECIALS, OPENINGS/RE-OPENINGS Smart Customer Support Tools: Q&A SMS BOTS,ONLINE 2-WAY CONVERSATIONS, AUTORESPONDERS, ORDER CONFIRMATIONS, DELIVERY UPDATES, STATUS UPDATES, MESSAGE SCHEDULING, INTERACTIVE KEYWORDS, APPOINTMENT REMINDERS, APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATIONS, PAYMENT REMINDERS, RECEIPTS, BULK NOTIFICATIONS, MASS ALERTS, ACCOUNT UPDATES, RESOLUTIONS, SURVEYS Smart Security & Operations Tools: ACCOUNT VERIFICATION, USER AUTHENTICATION, ONE-TIME PASSCODES, 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION, PASSWORD RESETS, ACCOUNT PROTECTION, FAKE USER PREVENTION, IDENTITY VERIFICATION, EMAIL ALERTS, MESSAGE TEMPLATES, EMPLOYEE NOTIFICATIONS, NUMBER PORTING, SPLASH PAGE BUILDER, DETAILED CAMPAIGN ANALYTICS, DELIVERY STATISTICS, DATABASE CLEANSING, NUMBER FORMATTING, CONTACT MANAGEMENT AND SEGMENTATION, ASSIGN MULTIPLE LONG CODES, BULK UPLOADS OF LISTS, IVR FLOWS, TRACKING AND LOGISTICS, LOCAL NUMBERS, YOUR SIM-CARD NUMBERS
Henry Skull

A.I. Visionary. My strength is attributed to high proficiency in Tech, Finance, Marketing & Business