Spalba - World’s only Hybrid Events Platform.

Spalba - World’s only Hybrid Events Platform An all-in-one event platform to create immersive experiences for any format of event - Physical, Virtual or Hybrid Online or offline, a platform perfect to set up an immersive experience for your attendees in just 3 simple steps Search - Choose from a library of real, digital twin and 3D venues for your next hybrid event Design - Design your event as you want using easy DIY and drag and drop tools Go Live - Go Live with an immersive event experience for both your online and offline audience How is Spalba unique from other event platforms? Spalba lets you seamlessly mirror your physical events into the virtual world with our digital twin technology. Features Digital Twin Seamlessly mirror your physical event in the virtual world making the virtual attendees feel as if they are walking in the real event Phygital Communication Attendees have multiple options to connect with each other – regardless of physical or virtual – via 1-1 chats, virtual video calls, rooms, lounges, and more. Shared Engagements Unlock a more immersive experience for your event attendees that allows them to more meaningfully connect to the event, the content, and to each other through shared gamification.

Spalba - World’s only Hybrid Events Platform