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The Studioso App connects music teachers to their students and optimizes student practice.

The Studioso App connects music teachers to their students, optimizes student practice, and enables both teacher and student to accurately visualize progress. Students can practice efficiently and correctly using our Technique Library, a collection of practice techniques written entirely by teachers. The combination of clear communication, efficient practice, and student accountability, allows the teacher to focus on artistry rather than sufficiency. Students are more motivated and successful when they have all the tools they need to master their instrument.
At Studioso, our mission is to improve the lives of music students and teachers. We believe the best way to do this is through technology. That is why Ocean Salazar founded Studioso LLC in March of 2017. With a team of 7 musicians, marketers, and app developers, Studioso is creating an app to connect music students to their teachers in a way that enhances the learning experience and facilitates the lives of teachers.

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Studioso App
Studioso App


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