Subcap: Captions for Videos CC


Subcap is a mobile app that makes videos readable with auto subtitles.

Subtitles can speak louder than words! We’ve realized that making all videos readable would be great for not only the deaf community but also everyone who uses social media actively. We have discovered the need for such an application that makes auto subtitles easily and quickly and supports many languages. With all these thoughts and dreams, we have created this app. So, what are the benefits of adding subtitles to your videos? More than you think: * Get 17% more reactions compared to non-subtitled videos * Get 26% more CTA clicks compared to non-subtitled videos * Get 35% more viewers compared to non-subtitled videos * Engage with 85% of viewers who don’t have their sound on * Make your contents accessible to more than 400 million deaf people * Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and more. Stories, ads? Them too. * Get more clicks, sales and conversions * Don’t waste your time on adding subtitles manually What features would you like us to add to the app? Please give us feedback on the comments If you like the app, please show some support by upvoting or sharing subtitled videos on all social media platforms and using the hashtag #subcapapp or tagging @subcapapp UPCOMING FEATURES on both iOS and Android: ~ Save your captioned videos as drafts/projects, use and customize them anytime again and again ~ Translate your subtitles into other languages ~ Add multi-language generated subtitles, show subtitles in 2 languages at once ~ Import an SRT file to your video
Zeynep Elif Özdemir

Computer Geek since 1993-Telecommunication Engineer since 2012-Software Developer since 2014