Bookmark manager for minimalists and web junkies

No text, just icons. The most compact bookmark manager for all your browsers and devices. All your favorite sites are just 1 click away. Superdense means "of extremely great density and highly compact." That's precisely what we had in mind when building this tool to manage your web favorites. Superdense is no bookmark manager in the oldskool kind of way, as there are 99 tools available to store your long list of web URLs. Superdense is different, as it's optimized to display as many bookmarks as possible in the least amount of space by focussing on one key element: ** favicons **. If you're a bit like me, you probably have 20+ tabs open before you finished your first coffee in the morning. And how do you know what browser tab to click? That's right, the favicon. We created Superdense to bypass the limitations of the bookmarks bar with its single row of links. With Superdense, you can create multiple categories, add unlimited bookmarks, drag and drop to have the icons in your preferred order, and be ready to make it another wonderful day with all your favs at the click of a button. No problem to store like 200 bookmarks and have them all above the fold. Don't mind a little scrolling: just keep adding categories and bookmarks, as many as you want. What you can do with Superdense: * Add unlimited bookmarks and categories * Access your favorites in all your browsers on all devices * Drag and drop to organize bookmarks and categories * Public profile: promote your portfolio sites and endorse the tools you use most often * Privacy settings: Mark categories as public or private to show or hide on your public page * Upload custom icons * Public Page bio & link (e.g. & * Invite team members (team plan or higher) * Themes for custom styling * Remove branding (company plan) * Custom domain (company plan) ##Coming soon ## * Chrome extension ##Useful links ## * Support docs: * FAQ: * roadmap: ## EARLY BIRD DEAL ## Superdense comes with a monthly or yearly subscription. However, for a limited time only, you can get a lifetime deal (LTD). Pay once, enjoy 4evah. 1 code for the solo plan, or stack more for the team plan (2 codes) or company plan (3 codes). Check the deal at When this page is gone, the deal is gone. Happy bookmarking!
Steve de Jong