SYNQ - Video API

SYNQ aims to become for video what Twilio is for messaging

Our flexible video API enables developers to create new scalable video services, or move existing solutions in hours. We offer extensive and easy to use documentation and a range of code libraries. Get started with just a few lines of code.

SYNQ was founded in 2014 by Stian Hauge and Kasper-Niclas Andersen. As a startup company in need of an easy-to-implement, flexible video service, they experienced that these were lacking in the market. The market gap was obvious and the team took on the challenge to create a developer friendly video solution. The result is a developer-centric video API that will serve all needs so that developers don't have to build video delivery from scratch.

Our API gives developers the required flexibility to implement advanced video capabilities, including custom metadata, fully programmable webhooks and queries. SYNQ will adjust and innovate to meet the needs of the developer community and at the same time prepare them for AR, VR and the power of AI