Tack technologiess

We help you get shit done. Team Task management + chat on your phone.

Tack helps your team get things done. We're a smart and automated task management platform with integrated chat, so your team never has to switch tools again.

We're building our platform mobile first for fast paced teams that are on the go. The first fully featured collaboration tool in the market.

We focus on automating workflows and processes. We want you to spend as little time as possible on the little things and focus on the big projects and visions . For example, our first take on this problem is our review system simplifies a 5-10 step process between your chat and task management tools into a 3 step process in one page (we have a cool gif to show this).

We're currently in closed beta and looking to simplify collaboration for more teams! If you're interested don't hesitate to sign up e-mail me.