TextForms is the fastest way to create Google Forms by transforming plain text into form

TextForms app is the fastest way to create Google Forms. It transforms plain text with intuitive tags into Google Forms and automates some editing tasks. You can create forms in any text editor instead of bothering with complex UI. Fast & Familiar Just typing like writing a document and using keyboard shortcuts Intuitive Tags All tags are enclosed with square brackets and use full name for easier understanding, e.g. [Question] stands for question title and description, [Multiple Choice] stands for multiple choice's options, etc. Google Drive Storage All the text documents are stored in Google Drive folder Instant Preview Form preview is displayed instantly when typing text Manage Content Easier Just cut, copy & paste text to duplicate, move or delete items Effective Validation All the stuffs are validated before submitting to Google Forms Outline Jump to different parts of content faster Automatically Saved All changes in text documents are automatically uploaded to Google Drive Linked Forms Update Google Forms according to the specified Form ID
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