Treep. Things to do. Actions, skills, motivation

Treep is a self-development service that allows people to find exciting actions using Tinder-like card mechanics and spend time trying something new day after day. We bring together thousands of ideas to help people understand how many different actions they can do and how bright their everyday life could be. All the ideas are divided into sections so that the user could set his mood and choose whether he wants to get "at home only" actions or to get a list of outdoor entertainment for the whole family, for example. Some examples of actions: • Call your mom and say you love her • Buy a cup of coffee to a stranger • Send a postcard wishing a good day to a random person in Telegram • Watch the video about how to learn to dance Salsa in 5 mins • Read 5 takeaways from this book • and more than 3k other actions! For now, we have 30k MAU in Russia, 92% organic traffic, and 40% three-month retention! We're ready to go global now. Knowledge acquisition is the essential aspect of education. However, experience is an equally important area. We can find things we really love only by trying different actions in practice. The Treep team is only seven people, but we are confident that by making efforts, even with such a small number, we will offer people a tool to make their lives richer, kinder, more purposeful. And if you join this mission, then we can do it faster and more fun! Live brightly!
Alexander Murzanaev

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