Make your own website while heating up a pizza slice.

Ucraft is a website builder meant to create business websites and landing pages both for newbies and advanced users. Their official website is a perfect demonstration of how the system?s features and tools can be put to use, because it is also developed with ucraft. The platform allows creating responsive websites with popular flat design and full-screen blocks.

They provide some great free tools for your startup, like Logo Maker app, SEO app, Free Landing Page Creator and more...

A 14-day trial period will let you explore all the features of the system in detail and help you make a decision whether ucraft is worth its money or not.

The interface of the website builder looks welcoming and simple. The websites powered by ucraft look nice, and it?s quite easy to create one on your own.

Let?s look under the system?s hood now and see what ucraft brings to the table.