Videoken Inc


Turn your videos into interactive & immersive learning experiences.

VideoKen solves the problem that virtually no one has the patience to fully watch informational videos being created by organizations for learning & development, events and conferences. VideoKen’s patented AI-based Video Interactivity solution helps transform learning and event/conference videos into interactive & immersive experiences! VideoKen’s technology automatically analyzes the audio-visual content of your videos to segment them into topics (auto generated video chapters), and extracts key concepts discussed inside a video to create an interactive summary. VideoKen fundamentally changes video navigation and consumption behavior of viewers, letting them jump to specific points of interest at any time. With in-video quizzing capabilities, VideoKen helps learners quickly self-assess themselves and helps you spot skills gaps. VideoKen’s actionable analytics provides meaningful data & insights into learner preferences and behavior . You can track parts of videos that are watched the most, drop-offs, revisit points and other insights that will help you optimize your videos accordingly. VideoKen’s customers have been able to make their learners fall in love with training videos, increase video watch time by 2x and make poor learner engagement a thing of the past. With over 5 granted US patents in video technology, VideoKen offers advanced video engagement capabilities built on cutting-edge research involving Machine Learning and AI. Trusted by enterprises and learning leaders globally, VideoKen helps make informational videos more consumable and engaging. VideoKen is based out of Princeton, NJ with an R&D lab in Bangalore, India.
Vishnu Raned

Vishnu Raned, co-founder and CEO of VideoKen has over 20 years experience in sales leadership.