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We help users who lack technical background to track and map website visitors in real time.

Visitor Analytics is an accessible way of understanding website analytics. Our software is 100% GDPR-compliant. It offers a straightforward user experience through statistical and user behavior dashboards, simple visuals and performance-based comparisons.

Visitor Analytics keeps records of your website visitors’ location and history, bounce rates, pages performance, conversion rates, URL campaigns, referrers, and other valuable data.

More than that, it offers valuable information about your website’s visitors through features like visitor recordings, heatmaps and funnels.

With all this information from Visitor Analytics easily understood from our dashboards, all you need to do is identify paths and different website issues and act upon them in order to improve traffic and offer quality content on your website.

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Andrei Homorodean
Andrei Homorodean


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