Vista List

ToDo List Application utilizing countdowns to prioritize your projects and life.

Vista List is a simple to do list application that allows you to create projects, tasks and subtasks for all the major parts of your life. Set a due date for projects and tasks and a countdown timer is created to instill a sense of urgency for your projects and tasks. Create countdowns, set reminders, add notes, add files, and more all with Vista List!

Too often, people use to do list applications and they set a due date, but the application does not instill a sense of urgency to the user. Welcome to Vista List, a to do list application that instills a sense of urgency on all your projects and tasks utilizing a countdown timer. Instead of setting a due date and just seeing the date it is due, Vista List displays a countdown to show how much actual time is left until your task is actually due. No more, ?Oh it is due Monday I have time?, welcome to ?Oh no! That task is due in 2 hours and 8 minutes, I better get it done!?.