Free project tool designed for teams to collaborate on website revisions in real time

Webvizio is a free website feedback tool & website review software designed for managers & teams to easily collaborate on website revisions in real-time. Collaboration on website development can be a hassle. Gain control and provide your teams with clarity! Utilize a single platform for clients, managers, and dev teams to leave visual feedback & effectively collaborate on web development projects. Collaborating on your website projects has never been easier: - Visual collaboration on any live website - Leave visual feedback on any website element, both on desktop and mobile - Collaborate on task on screenshots and images - Assign, prioritize, and control web project tasks - Collaborate in real-time on R&D, Design, UX & Content tasks - Get full visibility & transparency - Save time and effort by moving all interactions to one place. Webvizio is available with a Free Forever plan that includes up to 3 projects, 1 manager seat included.
Dan Ponomarenko

Digital marketing pro