WeighPay Group


The WeighPay Group develops a "mobile-first" cloud-based platform for scrap metal yards.

WeighPay is a suite of applications that are designed specifically for the unique needs of the recycling industry. Our cross-platform solution works seamlessly across Android devices, desktop and browser-based hardware, offering our clients the ability to operate online and offline. All WeighPay plans include unlimited users, locations and transactions. Hybrid Cloud Technology Bringing Our Clients Freedom & Flexibility With or Without Internet Connectivity WeighPay delivers the first if its kind, a Hybrid-Cloud Software Platform focused on the Global Recycling Industry employing Mobile-First strategy that is ERP agnostic with offline mode. Desktop Software Windows application ensuring your business will be operating even if the internet goes down. Fully hybrid technology platform ensure maximum uptime for our clients. Mobile Software The world’s #1 Android mobile app for buying and selling waste and recycled products with built-in ticket logic for collecting state compliance images. Browser Software Our Online application is your back office for prices, customers, contracts, AP, AR and for creating purchases using any internet connected device.
WeighPay Group

Transforming the global recycling industry with modern hybrid cloud technology.