Chatbot building a website in an already familiar messenger-like interface

Weps is a chatbot that can build websites in an already familiar messenger like interface.
Weps takes out the complicated things like coding and drag'n'drop out of website building.
If you're a small business owner, consultant, mentor or just a bot fan, this solution is for you.
In one place you get everything, your website, personal domain and hosting.
Weps only asks you to answer simple questions like "do you sell products or services" or "would you like to show your location on the map" or "what is your brand color"?
Weps can be used on any device, be it mobile or desktop or tablet.
All the websites are responsive and search engine optimised.
It?s a one-stop solution for getting everything you need to set up a website fast.

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Juhan Kaarma
Juhan Kaarma