Will They Buy


Save time and money by knowing if your idea will sell before you build it

What it does, who is a typical user, what is your business model and so on. Creating an experiment is quick and easy so that people can validate SaaS ideas. Set the fields they want to test such as color, size and quantity or generate a button to test plan pricing models. Then embed the form into a landing page and as visitors click on the buy button of the embedded form we capture the data on what they wanted to buy, and what quantity. This gives the owner of the landing page, and potential SaaS or Micro-SaaS entrepreneur, exact data on whether or not the idea is valid, how much people will pay and what they will pay for, before they embark on yet another coding adventure which may or may not succeed. We charge a monthly fee on various plans which give the entrepreneur options to embed forms on multiple landing pages, track data points and integrate with marketing software to follow up with hot leads once they launch. Our ultimate goal is to help people find out if they are on the right track with their idea, without having to spend hours and thousands of dollars building it.
Will They Buy

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