Writtan is an app that records & transcribes your conversations.

Writtan is a powerful transcription tool built with professionals in mind. Writtan makes transcribing meetings with clients, colleagues or patients effortless. Gone are the days of having to divide your attention between listening and taking notes. Note taking has never been easier than using Writtan’s AI powered state-of-the-art transcription engine. Your notes are stored securely so you can have the peace of mind that they safe. Use Writtan for all your interviews, consultations, depositions and meetings. Live Transcription Transcribe in real time. No more waiting for human transcribers, Writtan’s powerful AI automates the transcription of your speech. Writtan automatically punctuates and capitalises so that you don’t have to. Search It is extremely easy to search your transcriptions. Simply start typing your search and Writtan will find all relevant transcripts. You can search by speaker, title or the content of the transcript. Edit Writtan saves a copy of the recorded audio to make is super easy to fix any mistakes that Writtan might have made. This way you can ensure that your transcripts are accurate and complete. As a bonus, every time you correct your transcripts Writtan learns and becomes more accurate for future transcripts. We take security and privacy seriously. Your data is confidential and will not be transferred to third parties. You have full control to delete your data from your account.
Hannes Bezuidenhout

I'm a student, coder and startup founder