Keep track of everything. For personal and small business use.

Forget about forgetting things. Zapdex never forgets. Create as many databases as you want for contacts, small business accounting, recipes, to do list, shopping, list, etc. View your information in database records or spreadsheet format. Filter your spreadsheets for small screen viewing. Export to Excel for advanced data manipulation. Zapdex is fully indexed. Even if you can only remember a single word or a few letters, it is easy to scour your all your data and find the records that contain those letters. Your saved pictures appear as thumbnails that expand when hovered over, and expand to full size when clicked. View images in database record or spreadsheet (gallery) format. Every image has a built in link for sharing over the internet. Zapdex is great for family albums. Zapdex goes beyond "mobile friendly". You can design record layouts to fit your cell phone. Set spreadsheets to only show fields to view on your cell phone. It's easy, it's useful and it's free.
Frank Loughry

Self employed programmer for past 25 years